Strava Updates Heatmaps – Gravel and Mountain Bike now included

Strava, the popular fitness tracking app for runners and cyclists, has recently announced some exciting updates to its heatmap feature. For those who are not familiar, the heatmap shows the most popular routes for running and cycling based on data collected from millions of users around the world.

Gravel and Mountain Bike Routes Added

One of the most significant updates is the inclusion of gravel and mountain bike routes on the heatmap. This is great news for off-road enthusiasts who enjoy exploring trails and dirt paths. Now, users can easily discover new and exciting routes for their next adventure.

Benefits for Trail Runners

For trail runners, this update opens up a whole new world of possibilities. With the addition of gravel and mountain bike routes, runners can now find challenging and scenic trails to test their skills and push their limits. Whether you’re a beginner looking for a gentle trail or an experienced runner seeking a more technical route, the heatmap’s new features have something for everyone.

Enhanced User Experience

In addition to the new route options, Strava has also made improvements to the user interface to make it easier to navigate and explore the heatmap. Users can now filter routes by activity type, distance, elevation, and popularity, making it simple to find the perfect route for their next workout.

Community Engagement

Another benefit of the heatmap updates is the increased sense of community among Strava users. By sharing their favorite routes and discovering new ones, athletes can connect with like-minded individuals and build a network of support and motivation. This sense of community is essential for staying motivated and inspired on your fitness journey.


Overall, the updates to the Strava heatmap are a game-changer for runners and cyclists who love exploring new routes and challenging themselves in different terrain. With the addition of gravel and mountain bike routes, users now have more options than ever before to find the perfect route for their next workout. The enhanced user experience and sense of community make Strava a must-have app for anyone serious about their fitness goals.

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